Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Request: for Gym Space and expanding soccer activities for youths

Chivas Juniors is a free inner-city youth soccer program serving boys and girls from ages 4 through 18.  Chivas Juniors Soccer program is managed by a volunteer coach and parents.  Three evenings a week, we offer free soccer training to children and youth.  However, we are in need of a gym space for the fall and winter months to continue our free soccer training program.  Our program has strength of over 30 youths from ages as young as 4 to age 18 who are unable to get proper sports training, particularly due to limitations of gym space and in need of enhancing our sports participants with proper soccer practice and games.

We would like to see a measurable success in our program since it is a free sport in our community.  We would like to assist the needs of families that have young children at risk of obesity and to maintain children with an active healthy life-style.  We would greatly appreciate your interest in helping us to achieve our objective.  Our request for gym space and/or ground area is of most need to teach the students the sport in an adequate facility.  We request to use the allotted gym space at least twice a week  from the hours of 6-8pm for the winter season. 
The program is open to all age groups.  No experience or skill required.  Bring water bottle, sneakers, and a soccer ball.  Just come and have fun and make new friends. 
We hope that a donated gym space can be provided.  We would greatly appreciate your interest in helping to achieve our goals. 

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